André Woodley Jr.

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I'm an entrepreneur and full-stack developer with a passion for building innovative products. My background spans design, growth, business strategy, and product development across mobile, web, and desktop platforms.

Early in my career, I created one of the first on-demand music streaming apps while in college. It attracted 500,000 users within six months before being shut down by the RIAA, foreshadowing the eventual rise of services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Today, I lead Autodial (, a consumer AI voice assistant that handles everyday tasks like ordering, booking appointments, and contacting customer service. Autodial has facilitated over 3 million calls, providing access to 10,000+ business phone lines. I bootstrapped the company from $120 to over $1 million in revenue within 18 months.

Inspired by Roc-A-Fella movement, Google Impact, and Musk innovation my motivation is to build dope things, add flavor, solve real-world problems, explore new frontiers, and bring us together. I believe the smallest idea can become a billion dollar company and everything we need is already in our possession. When not building companies, I enjoy discussing business, philosophy, life and innovative ideas.


I am an alum of Y-Combinator, Tennessee State University, and CODE2040. Below are some articles, speaking engagements and awards. Some are outdated but they meant alot to me during that time in my life.

San Francisco Chronicle

California’s EDD is so hard to reach that unemployed people are paying for go-betweens

The Tennessean

New App Brings TSU to Students Fingers

Delaware News Journal

Teens deliver style - and a message

The White House

My Brothers Keeper Speaker Series

Stanford University

Growth Hacking - Latin@ Coder Summit

Push Tech 2020

Panel Guest Speaker Series

Banaroo Music Festival

1st Place Hackathon Recipient

NSBE Hackathon

1st Place Recipient

Hack Nashville

2nd Place Recipient